Hot Power Vinyasa with Candle Light

This class is taught by:

Kristin Caforio Marengo

Kristin Caforio Marengo is a native of Worcester, Massachusetts.  Upon graduating high school in 1998 she left Massachusetts and pursued a career in dance.  Landing her first job as Grover in Sesame Street Live in 1999.  After a series of dance tours, and cruise line contracts she landed in NYC.  After a back injury in 2002, she found Yoga.  In dance she was always competing, dancing through injuries and neglecting her body. Yoga changed all of that and through yoga she learned proper alignment.  No longer competing and forcing she began listening to her body and healing her body. Quickly her injuries healed. 
Yoga started off primarily physical, but quickly yoga became a mental practice as well.  Kristin started noticing that she was more calm throughout the day.  Things that would have got her down previously were no longer affecting her.  Yoga was changing her life in a positive way.
In 2003, Kristin received her 200 hour certification in NYC.  Yoga Alliance (RYT). She then began her teaching career, teaching throughout NYC.  In 2007 Kristin became the general manager of Prana Power Yoga in NYC.  In 2009 she became the head teacher of the Teacher Training Program.
In 2010 Kristin's class was rated as one of the top 10 yoga classes in NYC, by Time Out Magazine. (December 2010) issue.
Kristin led NYU's physical therapy yoga program.
November 2014 Kristin was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine
In 2014 Kristin was featured as a yogi in the motion picture "Creative Control"
Kristin decided it was time to move back to Worcester Massachusetts in November 2014, and decided to open Hot Power Yoga Center. Kristin's dharma or life purpose is to spread the healing powers of yoga to all her students and is overjoyed to have her own studio.  Hot Power Yoga Center is a safe atmosphere where students can explore their physical and mental selves through breath and movement.  There are no mirrors at Hot Power Yoga Center, because through Yoga we let our egos go and listen to our bodies without competing or judging.  Finding enlightenment.  Hot Power Yoga Center is a simple place to escape from every day stresses, and let the body and mind unite and relax.
Kristin wants to thank her husband Joseph and son Josiah for their unconditional love and support. Kristin also wants to thank her mother, father, and sister Jessica for helping her every step of the way.
There is no end to a yoga journey, just a beginning.

Kelly Dowd

Kelly originally intended to add yoga to her workout regimen as a way to help maintain flexibility and prevent injuries, but quickly began to realize the additional physical and mental benefits of a consistent practice. After a few years of regular practice, she completed her RYT-200 training in 2011 in Virginia, where she taught various styles and levels of yoga from meditative and chair yoga to advanced hatha and vinyasa. After 3 years teaching in Virginia, she moved to MA to pursue a graduate degree and has been teaching and practicing in New England ever since! She has her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from MCPHS University here in Worcester and utilizes the core components of yoga asana often in PT practice. Finding a balance between strength and mobility is a key element in Kelly’s yoga teaching as well as in her work as a physical therapist. Kelly loves sharing her passion for human movement and helping others achieve their optimum levels of physical and mental health both on and off the mat. When she’s not teaching or moving, Kelly spends her time enjoying outdoor activities, hanging out with her fiancé and their fur-children (a cat and a dog), and attempting do-it-yourself projects.


Doreen Defazio

Doreen DeFazio, a Massachusetts native, grew up a competitive swimmer starting at the age of eight. Spending hours in the pool each week perfecting breath work, flow, and form was an integral part of her youth. Once she discovered yoga in her adult life, the familiar meditative breath became a continuous practice and passion.

Doreen’s mat has been a place she can roll out anywhere as a sanctuary; a space that she refers to as a “judgment free zone”. Since deepening her practice, yoga has become less about the need to hold the perfect pose and more for whatever is needed that day: self-reflection, the practice of kindness and self-compassion, and continued growth and self-awareness.

Doreen’s passion for yoga is contagious, and she hopes that in a culture where we are all rushing from one moment to the next, that she can assist students in connecting with what is – who they already are - and to find those moments of bliss and playfulness in the flow towards their own self-discovery and self-love.

Doreen graduated Hot Power Yoga Center's Teacher Training program.

Julie St Francis

Julie St. Francis has been practicing yoga for 8 years, but really fell in love when she found hot yoga. An avid runner and middle school cross-country coach she has found hot yoga and running a perfect combination to stay fit and to prevent injury.
Julie is a grade 8 science and world history teacher in Dudley. She tries to incorporate her knowledge of yoga science and social studies into all of her classes; in the studio and classroom. "I love to make connections across all disciplines; on and off the mat".

Julie has two sons that motivate and challenge her to be a better person. "Without yoga, I know my challenges I've had in life would still be haunting me. Yoga gives me the ability to slow down and be a better mom and friend."

Julie graduated Hot Power Yoga Center's Teacher Training program.


Tatiana Gray

Tatiana Gray, a native of Colorado, began practicing yoga when her best friend invited her to try it out, and they both discovered that it was the best kept secret to feeling awesome as 12-year olds. Tatiana immediately fell in love with the practice of yoga, and its gift of gracefulness, like being immersed in water; it doesn't matter what shape or size you are - it's always a perfect fit, lovingly surrounding all your corners and edges, making you feel simultaneously light and strong. Tatiana has always seen yoga as a balance between the physical and spiritual and thinks of it as meditation in motion: a time to be fully present as we synchronize our movement, breath, and attention in each moment. Of all of the healing arts, Tatiana considers the practice of yoga one of the most direct, deep, and helpful. It is her hope that her students will discover a place of solace and refuge on their mats, find joy in the flow, and most importantly, learn to love themselves just as they are, in the midst of their chaotic lives.

Tatiana graduated Hot Power Yoga Center's Teacher Training program.

This class is done in candle light.  Same as the regular hot power vinyasa class, only we add candle light to help relax the muscles and calm the mind. 

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