About Hot Power Yoga Center in Worcester, MA

Hot Power Yoga Center is a Hot Vinyasa Yoga studio in Worcester, Massachusetts.  The word Vinyasa means “linking breath to movement.” Vinyasa yoga classes are creative and teachers take students on a journey where the poses are found through breath. Vinyasa yoga is sometimes referred to as flow yoga since students flow from pose to pose in this style of class.   Hot Power Yoga Centers teachers never teach the same exact class twice, we pride ourselves on our creative flows. Never choreographed, our teachers feed off the energy and level of the yogis in the room, to deliver a new experience every time you roll out the mat.

Owner Kristin Caforio Marengo moved back to her hometown of Worcester Massachusetts in 2014 and opened Hot Power Yoga Center, after teaching in NYC since 2003.  Kristin's class was ranked one of the top ten yoga classes by Time Out New York Magazine's December 2010 issue. Kristin was also just featured in Cosmopolitan magazine November, 2014 issue (page 192).   

Kristin was Prana Power Yoga NYC's general manager for years. Teaching students and helping teachers grow is her true passion. When Kristin decided to move back to her hometown she knew she wanted to keep doing what she loved, and found this cozy gem right in Worcester, just a few blocks from where she grew up.  Located at 1438 Grafton street, the studio is steps away from Millbury, Shrewsbury, Sutton, Uxbridge, Grafton, Milford, and Westborough.  Hot Power Yoga Center is easy to find and has plenty of parking.

At Hot Power Yoga Center, we try to make yoga accessible to everyone.  We keep our prices low since Yoga should not add more stress to your life, yoga should take away stress.  Since moving back to Worcester from NYC, Kristin was shocked to see many yoga studios in the Worcester area had similar if not more expensive prices as NYC. At Hot Power Yoga Center we keep our prices low without compromising the yoga or the experience.

Hot Power Yoga Center

1438 Grafton Street

Worcester, MA 01604

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